Traders Registration: e-filing of applications is mandatory.

Registration or renewal of Registration as Processor of Virginia Tobacco / Manufacturer of Virginia Tobacco / Exporter of Tobacco / Exporter of Tobacco Products / Packer of Tobacco / Dealer in Tobacco and Commercial Graders of Virginia Tobacco will be granted every year.

Application of registration shall be made through online system ( before 1st November for fresh registration and 30th November for renewal of registration for next calender year.   Late applications will attract late fee.  The registration is granted for a calendar year and the same is required to be renewed every year.

Criteria for Registration / Renewal of Registration for the year 2024:

1. Processors
2. Exporters of Unmanufactured Tobacco
3. Exporters of Tobacco Products
4. Dealers
5. Packers
6. Commiercial Graders
7. Manufacturers

Registration Procedure

e-filing of applications is mandatory for obtaining fresh registration / renewal of registration by all categories of traders through for every calendar year.

On e-filing of applications, the traders are required to submit the "Declaration Form" on letter head of the company duly signed by the authorized person along with the payment of registration fee etc. according to fees indicated in online system.

The applications will be processed on receipt of original demand draft in favour of "Tobacco Board" payable at Guntur along with declaration form.

Any discrepancies/shortfalls observed will be intimated through online system only.

Traders are required to fulfill requirements within the stipulated time for the notifications issued by the Board through online system.

Traders can check the status of their application in online system only.